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United Kingdom of Francis Bacon In British philosopher, it is said that it became the origin of the bacon. Reason ordered him to mass procurement smoked goods salted pork as food for the ship as, is that it has not embarked bacon by the ton in the fleet, the bacon has spread around the world.
Smoked bonito Bonito those smoked. People that Jintaro Kishu is I started from the fact that smoked the dried bonito. Is spread as food for the soldiers eat, it was a mobile food also required for travelers.
Iburi Gakko Muromachi was born in the era around Akita region, that of the current to travel pickles. "Iburi" of a state in which the smoke comes out, "smoldering", "Gakko" means that of pickles in Akita valve. Since the deep snow in the Akita Prefecture, and hung on top of the hearth in order to prevent it from freezing in the snow, after you smoked, making it soaking in, such as rice bran and salt.
Ekiibushi-ho How dry it is soaking ingredients to liquid smoke that made to give the wood vinegar produced during charcoal production. Smoked food that sells super, etc. are generally made of this recipe.
Oil can Smoker Alias is also called a "Pail smoker", recommended for people who want to try the full-fledged smoked but it is wasteful to buy a smoker. Since reshape by recycling oil cans are finished using it possible to create Eco and practical and simple.
Hot smoking The feature is that smoke while dry, relatively quickly can be completed, it is smoke method for beginners. Initially healthy smoked is finished and is gradually raising the temperature from a temperature of about 30 degrees. However, since the water remaining in food to be smoked, low storage stability.
Walnut Fragrant is one of the Ibushikemuri-zai, habit is no smoke material. So a good compatibility of various ingredients such as seafood and meat. In walnut, Juglans that grows along the river is often used.
Smoking Use the smoke to use smoked, flavored in food, sterilization, that of food processing techniques to soak the antiseptic ingredient in food. You can enjoy the taste of smoked in a variety of flavors by selectively using the smoke material to be used for smoking.
Smokied material The burning thing of materials for issuing the smoke. This was mainly due to "smoke chips", "Smoke Wood", there is a type such as "smoked chunks". Temperature suitable for the food to the size and smoked smoker, what can I use the scent of preference, it is necessary to choose to what you want to use.
Thermostat It has a very useful feature called me automatically to the most important temperature control in smoked. Smoked and can effectively utilize the time because it is not necessary to always temperature control when the.
Salmon strip The burning tree called Cotton Tree, salmon preserved food, such as Alaska was smoked with smoke generated from there.
Sakura In one of Ibushikemuri-zai, smoke aroma is strong, I me finish the ingredients a little a habit, such as lamb and pork to mild. Which is often used in blends with other smoke material, commonly used Ibushikemuri-zai in Japan. Among Sakura often those with the wild cherry.
Souse It is carried out for the purpose of show well seasoned and colors. In addition, there is an effect that prevent or condensed the flavor components of the material, the corruption by issuing the extra moisture to the outside. Roughly divided into paint the salt directly with the "pretend salt" immersed in a liquid smoke, such as Saumur solution can be divided into two types of "Shimeshioduke".
Desalted Process performed until what long was salted just irresponsible to remove extra salt. It has the effect of eliminating the components of the cause of or corruption me off the fishy smell of food.
jerky That of preserved food that has resulted from dried meat made by Indians. It is easy to carry, it is merit is highly conserved. Zinc, and contains, good food body.
Smoker cooker Thin and small smoker. Other that can smoke in the hot smoke, can also be used as a cooker to make the adult number of dishes such as fried noodles, convenient outdoor goods.
Smoke Wood With that the tree was solidified in the powder in one of Ibushikemuri-zai, come continue to put out the smoke until burn if you put a single fire. It is easy to use with cold smoked method, wood is or can adjust the time by or with the fire from both sides or folded in half, it is also possible to raise the temperature. There is also a method that burn smoke chip wood as a heat source.
smoked salmon The salmon was salted with those flavored with smoke, and a preserved food rooted throughout the world for a long time. Ainu called Toba that of smoked salmon in Japan, had been made by Hiyaibushi. Toba I said that the traditional smoked salmon of Japan.
Smoke chip In one of Ibushikemuri-zai, and as it chopped finely the tree, there is a need to put in place fire you can put on a gas stove to have to dish. This material can not be used if there is no heat source in addition. And easy to use when the temperature smoked method.
Smoke chunk In one of Ibushikemuri-zai This is just a piece of wood, makes out the smoke by placing directly on the charcoal fire. For this reason it is often used in barbecue. It is easy to use when the heat smoked method.
Solid Leather Gloves Such as when to take out the things when you smoked, heat-resistant gloves for gripping the portion that is not touch with bare hands by the high temperature.
Hayaibushi method Chemically to extract the active ingredient contained in the smoke, to make what was dissolved in water over the smoke after it was soaked in food method. Time to complete the conventional Netsuibushi, Yutakaibushi, significantly faster than the Hiyaibushi three ways.
Saumur solution By the salt water with added seasonings and spices to food when making smoked, there is an effect that put the scent in food. Furthermore can taste a variety of flavors of food, it is a versatile liquid.
Dutch oven Outdoor goods shaped like a pot. Insulation is high, and can be used in the kitchen so stove and IH response. Basically used as a heat smoke, but using the higher thermal insulation properties and can also be used as a temperature smoked.
Cardboard Smoker Mainly using the cardboard, that simple smokers that can be created easily. Be said was made with cardboard sufficiently can be smoked, for beginners because the cost also does not take most it can be said that the perfect smokers.
Twin panel Smoker It is possible to make a lot of smoke at a time, large smokers the body has a double structure. Temperature rise is fast because it has excellent thermal insulation.
Electric heater Generally it is a widely used heat source, secure and very convenient because the temperature management is simple.
Temperature management is very easy to use in conjunction with the thermostat. It is necessary to select the voltage high electric heater by region.
Toseramu smoked pot for open fire Smoked pot to enter up to big things. Thermal shock temperature difference is also 700 ℃.
Germanic tribes of Germany Ethnic that lived in the northern part of the current Germany. We have created a prototype of smoked by combining the pickled was salted salt smoked and ingredients with smoke ago in 2000 from now.
Pot type Smoker And can be used in the kitchen, it is possible to freely available because more can be dispensed shorten the cooking times for the smoke in the hot smoked.
Raw ham Those that have been smoked it with the pork with salt, or things of that salted, dried without smoked. Of Italian "prosciutto", Spanish-type "Jamon Serrano" is but raw ham to make is not smoked, raw ham raw ham of Germany formula to make you smoked. Ham to make with the smoked, "Lux ham" is to create a pork that was salted with smoked.
Nara It is one of the Ibushikemuri-zai, the same as the beech, with colors quickly, Ibushikemuri-zai that contains tannin that produce astringency. Japanese oak is often used.
Meat stab device Instruments to soften the meat. Otherwise, it can easily be impregnated with salt when making smoked, such as bacon and ham, there are applications or to the bled.
Netsuibushi-ho Compared to other smoke technique, the temperature is high, a short time and can smoked. This smoke method can enjoy a flavor such as roasted in savory taste. However, there is no storage stability because the water is not completely evaporated.
Charcoal extinguisher Normally, but take a long time and to extinguish charcoal, naturally was extinguished by putting the charcoal in this, can you make a Keshizumi. Keshizumi it is also excellent in the eco-face because it can reuse.
Hickory It is one of Ibushikemuri-zai, because conspicuous color and fragrance in Recommended for beginners, it is suitable to the food you want to finish high fragrance, such as bacon and ham. However, it used most of the food because the habit is not. Frequently used Ibushikemuri-zai in Europe and the United States.
Pickling liquid By pickle juice used in smoked, there is work to give depth to the taste of the food. Unlike Saumur solution, it puts the distilled liquor or soy sauce, such as whiskey. Famous prefer the relatively Saumur solution.
Buna In one of Ibushikemuri-zai, speed color stick fast, Ibushikemuri-zai that contains tannin that produce astringency. Often smell and is used in fresh fish and shellfish.
Warm smoked device Easy Smoker In smokers, which is similar to the pot, it is possible to smoke by using a stove, it is possible to enjoy easily smoked. It is not suitable to be smoked a large material.
Preservative food A long period of time working to prevent corruption in order to save the ingredients, it is possible of the treated food, the presence preserved food from ancient times that are indispensable supports the lives of people.
White oak In one of Ibushikemuri-zai, Ibushikemuri-zai the smell of whiskey is. Compatibility with frankly the food, such as bacon and ham is good.
Apple It is one of the Ibushikemuri-zai, in smoke material subtle scent, can you finish the ingredients to mild. It fits well with food that is frankly like chicken.
Cold smoking By way to do smoked at a low temperature, the methods of the Expert for temperature control is difficult. It has become the important thing is that shed smoke rather than through the heat to the food. Because for a long time smoked save to keep longer than any smoke method, and finished hard so well dried.
S-shaped hook Hook to use in order to fix when you hang those that smoked in smokers. Which may be included with smokers, but it becomes necessary to add buying because often becomes insufficient.
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