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Tofu 1 chome (\ 29)
Shake the salt on the surface. It is about feelings.
Place on top of the net, and turn off the water.
Place the dish on top, so that comes out early moisture. Wait until a thickness of about half. About 5 hours, unplug the water.
It will take the moisture in the kitchen paper.
About 5 hours I will dry.


Then, we have 90 minutes smoked in and put warm smoked in homemade smoked device.
(Take the cherry chip)


Easy to handle, is here. On the Internet, because was written to be the way of cheese, it had been expected. However, it was hard tofu for the smoke flavor. Unpalatable no. If multiplied by the soy sauce, you can eat normally. However, this if, it is purposely good level without also smoked.

You can sew white miso, because like there is also more spend time method, the next step is to try to challenge.

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