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One chicken thigh (398 yen)
Saumur solution
Herb little
It will remove the skin and oil. The thickness is also to be equally, it will put the cut.
Soak in Saumur solution.
This time I tried to challenge for the first time herbs. Anyway, I tried to put a little pepper and basil, thyme, rosemary. About 4 hours I was pickled.
Wipe off the moisture with kitchen paper.
It will dry out for about 6 hours.
In grappling with the S-shaped hook Once dry, placed in a homemade smoked device, it was 90 minutes smoked with warm smoked.
(Take the cherry chip)
Completion is here. It is delicious, but it is a big failure. First of all, you do not have cooked up in. And, the smell of herbs have blown off the taste. I think the fit is what herbs. This time of the mix is the debacle even less. Next, I think trying to challenge Given the preparation time and herbs smoked.

By the way, even try to bake in a frying pan, it was not delicious. Ladies and gentlemen, please be careful.

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