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Pike two dogs cooking processed (321 yen)
Saumur solution
This is useful because the processed of pike have been sold by now super. If it is not already been processed, you will need to remove clean the head and internal organs.

Soak in Saumur solution. 4 hours it was pickled.

Water remove well with kitchen paper to.
About 4 hours let it dry out.
Lower fishing in the S-shaped hook, and then smoked. It was 30 minutes smoked in hot smoked.
Middle, mouth-watering smell and the sound of falling of the oil will be filled.
(Cherry chip use)
Finished product here.You can eat as it is. However, I tried to eat it grilled lightly Mesmerize half a day. Then, would be that what. So it is very of very tasty. Rather than just bake the pike, it had become deliciously many times. Golden shine has speaks. Everyone all means, please try the smoked saury. It is very recommended.
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