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  Baby scallops 150g (300 yen)
Saumur solution
Soak in Saumur solution. I have put a little pepper. It was pickled for about an hour.
  Before dry, wipe the moisture well with kitchen paper.
  This time, it was dry for about 8 hours outside.
I thought that it was dry and to much just good.
  Was placed in a homemade smoked device, was 90 minutes smoked with warm smoked.
(Take the cherry chip)
Finished product here. Here, improvements came out. First of all the fact that a little salty. You can either to exploit Saumur liquid to about 30 minutes, is good is better to have a little salt excl. In addition, in the part and the part of the adductor muscle of the string, was out the difference between the hardness. Part of the string in too dry, scallop is just a good feeling of hardness. How well go the After, you need to research.

However, if you eat it from Mesmerize a day, a little salty, but it is delicious. It is Ali even make bought in large quantities at the time of the bargain of baby scallops!

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