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cheese One box (307 yen)
In order to fly the moisture of the cheese, and dry. This time, here was a failure. About 8 hours it was dried out, but it was too dry. It feels like good in 1-2 hours.
Was placed in a homemade smoked device, was 90 minutes smoked with warm smoked. Cheese was away again repeatedly failed. 90 minutes is a long time. Now I think to try to challenge in 60 minutes.
(Take the cherry chip)
Take out the failure. A little more, it was about to fall to melt from the network. Dangerous and dangerous.
It is completed by lay half a day. Finished product here. This time of reflection point, that to shorten the drying time and smoked time. Research is required.

However, it does not not eat never. Outside is the dark smoked cheese with dry taste. Unpalatable. Is not. However, it will not be delicious.

Following what I would want to aim to success.
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