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It is sold in about 100 yen in cardboard home center.

Is what one side of 30cm of us to use. Net also because just enter.
It will cut the part for hooking the net with a cutter. Place the cut with a cutter into a four-corner.
When you press the part with a finger, it is ready to serve net sTOPper.
Partial or of the hole, then sTOP packing tape the extra part.
Completion is here. As a side note, above and that you do not sTOP we will use in the loading and unloading of food, to keep open under for the heat source. And, before it is to leave the door part for confirmation. We were able smoker at 100 yen.

Smoked can is sufficiently even unexpectedly kitchen. Room to remain a little smell, but the ventilation fan takes care of the work. In addition, we, we are smoked in the cardboard, but I can easily even in such a dedicated smoker or wok. Please try variety.
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