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 Cold smoking - suitable for long-term storage

In order to manufacture it will take quite some time, but the optimal cold and smoking to long-term storage. Raw ham, dry sausage, such as Iburi Gakko has been made in this way. This method, it is important that shed smoke rather than through the heat to the food. Temperature at which the smoke is 15 ~ 30 ℃. It is often carried out in the order from autumn to spring. So, since the temperature management is very when performing in the summer, when the temperature in the smoker is 30 ℃ or more it is becoming necessary to devise such as the use of ice. Products such as those sold in the shops, have been made over a long time of about 5 to 20 use a very large facility. Since long time smoked, which smoked highly conserved than the smoke method, it can finish hard because it firmly drying. Taste crunchy may be, I will finish the flavor is full. However, since the temperature control is difficult It is said that for advanced users. And I think difficult to do such a cold smoked method at home, but want to make if! As long as I think it is good to use the smoker made with large cardboard. Then, less likely to rise cardboard minute temperature larger is the temperature control is easy. This cold smoked method, cheese, bacon, jerky, more taste to use in making the eggs will increase.

 Hot smoking - when healthy smoked it want to eat

Mouthfeel becomes is soft juicy finish, salinity is low temperature smoked method. Smoked shoulder ribs can be made of this method, Yutakaibushi method is the most common smoking method. Also those which are introduced in the cold smoked method, most of what you can make with this smoke method. The feature is that smoke while dry, it is actually to raise the temperature gradually from a temperature of about 30 ℃ when performing hot smoking method, ultimately may go to a temperature of about 70 ~ 80 ℃. In addition, unlike hot smoking and Netsuibushi method, you can make with cardboard smoker without worrying about the season. So, this method can be said that it is smoke method for beginners. And healthy than other smoke method, complete time earlier than hot smoking, you can in 1-3 hours. However, storage stability because the remaining moisture about 50% in the even food is smoked is low and also the retention period as was stored in the refrigerator was placed in a vacuum pack 2 to 4, is one week at the longest. ?This warm smoked method ham, bacon, are suitable for food such as sausages.

 smoke roasting - resulting in a short period of time can be smoked

The savory taste, heat fumigation method flavor spreads in the mouth, such as grilled. It can also cooking in the feeling of being burned while smoked ingredients. The temperature is higher than the street other smoke method of name, it smoked at 80 ~ 140 ℃. Small cardboard smoker is the best. But, because the temperature is high flammable, it is important that fire not to enter the inside of the smoker. Then, when individual Netsuibushi method is amazing. Wow, it will be completed in 30 minutes to 1 hour. And it would be faster than the other smoke method. However, there is no storage stability because the water is not at all evaporation. Have been I can say that 2 schedule times at best. So, so always try to eat as soon as possible Once you have completed. Ingredients suitable for such heat smoked method, smoked beef, chicken, scallops, is a small fish.

 Smoking law that has evolved

Cold smoking, hot smoking method, smoke roasting exists other than method. It is a fast smoked method and Ekiibushi method. Both are devised methods for mass production of food. Therefore, it is often such as sake of snacks, such as is put in a convenience store are made in this way about. Fast smoked method to liquid by creating a component contained in the smoke chemically, Ekiibushi-ho use a liquid made by refining wood vinegar, you can spray the food, respectively, and is a way to Dari marinated.

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