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 Kind of Ibushikemuri-zai
When smoked, Ibushikemuri-zai is not essential. Smoked There are various types of smoke material, are mainly suitable hardwood hardwood. Because you softwood material often resin content, since adhering smell of nasty resin or with soot, it is not recommended. Let's pick a tree resin content issues a less well smoke. Let's look at the characteristics of each smoke material.
Smoke chip
And as it is chopped finely a tree, you can put on a gas stove to have a stainless steel dish, there is a need to put in care fire, can not be used as a heat source is not. However, cheap and available, you can also use is mixed with more than one type of chip. Smoke chip is suitable for a short period of time smoked, it is easy to use when hot-smoked and Netsuibushi method.
Smoke Wood
And as it hardened the wood to powder, it will continue to put out the smoke until burn out if you put a single fire. By or fire from both sides you can fold the wood in half, it is possible to adjust the temperature and time. There is also a method of burning smoke chip the wood as a heat source. Smoke Wood is well suited to long smoked, easy to use when cold-smoked.
Kind of tree
Also it will change the way marked with scent and color depending on the type of tree. Meat is said to fruit-based fits well, and is said to fit trees faint scent to fish. Many tried, I would not interesting in even find the type of tree that suits your taste.
Smoke aroma is strong, will finish a little food with a habit, such as lamb and pork to mild. Which is often used in blends with other smoke material, it is a popular smoke material commonly used in Japan. There is many things you use the cherry among the cherry.
Fragrant, it is habit there is no smoke material. So is good compatibility with a variety of ingredients such as seafood and meat. Among the walnut, it will be used Juglans that grows along the river well.
In smoke material faint scent, it will finish the food on mild. It is well with ingredients that are easily such as white fish and chicken.
Since the conspicuous color and fragrance in recommended for beginners, it is facing the food you want to finish high fragrance, such as bacon and ham. However, it will use most of the food because the habit is not. It is well smoke material that is used in Europe and the United States.
Fast speed color stick is, it is smoke material that contains tannins that cause astringency. It is often smell and is used in fresh seafood.
The same as those of the beech, with color is fast, it is smoke material that contains tannins that cause astringency. Japanese oak will be used well.
White oak
This is a smoke material aroma of whiskey is. Compatibility with frankly the food, such as bacon and ham is good.
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