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Salted, the food after Shiodashi work contains a lot of moisture. When the water is high, it will also cause the bacteria breeding and mold occurs. In addition, Norazu smoke well in food, also in taste and smell will adversely affect. In fact, when we were smoked by neglect drying, food of acidity is strong, it was not delicious. In order to eat delicious, in the drying work Let's skip firm ingredients of moisture.
 Air drying
Airy location, such as outside or indoor or such as in the refrigerator, it is a way to dry ingredients. Let's firmly wipe the ingredients of moisture, such as kitchen paper before air drying. Air drying I will roughly over about 30 minutes to half a day.
By using a heat source in the smoker is a way to dry ingredients. Storage period is short warm smoked method and Netsuibushi-ho is easier when utilizing this method. About 20-30 minutes at about 50 degrees let it dry. It can use the smoker, but since last drying operation, the chip Let's do not put.
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