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 Salted has the effect of increasing the dehydration effect and storage stability of the ingredients. Besides touching food is in the air, there is also the effect to prevent the shade becomes worse. The method of salted There are several types. Is roughly divided, it is classified into two types: the "pretend salt method (Inuishio method)" rub directly to food salt immersed in liquid smoke, such as the Saumur solution and the pickling liquid "vertical salt method (Yutakashio method)" you. Pretend salt method is easier without the trouble of making a liquid smoke, but the taste is difficult to be uniform. Vertical salt method is a little too lazy to make the liquid smoke, but storage stability is also low compared to pretend salt method, taste tends to be uniform. Among the vertical salt method There are two types: "Saumur Law", "pickling method".
 Saumur method
Salt water is referred to as Saumur solution by adding herbs and spices, it is called Saumur method salted method using the Saumur solution. In a typical smoked it will be used Saumur method well. Be mainly penetrate the food the salt evenly, that fat is because it does not touch the air is not oxidized, keep clean the color of food, there are three benefits.
Not only salt water as Saumur liquid, called the pickling liquid smoked liquid plus the distilled liquor such as soy sauce and whiskey, is called a pickle method salted method using a pickling liquid. Since Saumur method is common, pickle method is not well known, there is work to put depth to the taste of the food, it is suitable for meat and fish. Since the pickling liquid can make your own favorite, everyone let's create the original pickling solution of their own.
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