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Absolutely necessary   If available convenient
Smoker   Heat source
It is the most necessary equipment in order to smoked. Smoker is not and can not be smoked. Even cheaper's commercial smoker and 2000-3000 yen. However, it is a lot cheaper and if you use a frying pan and cardboard, you can you can find easily smoked. In fact even in this site we hate smokers made with cardboard.
There is no need in the case of smoked wood, but it is needed to heat the chip in the case of smoke chip. There is no problem in cooking heater and gas stove.
Ibushikemuri-zai   Drying net
And it serves as the smoke that smoke ingredients.Mainly, it uses smoke chips or wood smoke. Both can be purchased at less than 500 yen. If you just can not smoke material is ready, you can use peanut shells and rice husks, what a banal of tea leaves and coffee beans were sun as smoking material.
Use this time to dry ingredients. You can dried in the refrigerator, it is no problem even if or dried over the net, but to no luck insects in food, which has become the stage it is convenient because many ingredients go into.
Smoker thermometer   S-shaped hook
In order to measure the temperature of the smoker, you can use by interpolation to smokers. If temperature management firm, will also be better able to smoked. Price not high up there, you can be purchased within 1000 yen.
S-shaped hook, you can use when you hung when the big fish and meat to smoked. Handmade You can also, but it is commercially available and easy to use. Three at is around 500 yen.
Use in order to put the food when the air-dried and smoked. In any network you can smoked, but if you want to purchase, we recommend the size of the network to meet the smoker. It's cheap and is located 100 yen.
Metal dish    
Use to put the smoke material. It makes use of the thing rust strongly to fire is made of stainless steel in this site, but there is no inexpensive also a problem in mono, such as the aluminum dish.
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